3R Recover Mask
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✨Calvin-Skin 3R Recover Mask ✨

Passed #Natural Ingredients Natural Healing Sensitive Muscles‼ ️
Repair the cortex (protective layer of the skin), strengthen the skin resistance and sensitivity,
Let your skin recover from now on, #Get rid of sensitive skin problems  💪
3R-Recover Mask – Five major ingredients and functions
🌱 #Chamomile extract
Anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory, strengthen skin repair ability,
Improve skin roughness and redness
🌱 #Lubing Flower Extract
Maintain skin elasticity and firmness,
Moisturizing and soothing
🌱 #Monas fermentation extract
Help resist the stimulation of external factors,
Promote skin metabolism and soften skin texture,
Prevent dry skin, maintain skin moisture and elasticity
A natural protective factor,
Strengthen the skin's resistance to ultraviolet rays,
Free from second-degree damage from ultraviolet rays
🌱 #Vitamin B3
Has a whitening effect,
Reduce sebum secretion and shrink pores,
Prevent pigmentation left by acne inflammation
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